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20,000-BTU Blue Flame Vent-Free Gas Wall Heater, Blower, Legs
M #GWD208, #20-6027, #20-5242
Item Description
Accommodating spaces up to 700 square feet, this 20,000-BTU dual-fuel wall heater works with natural gas or LP hook-up to ensure a cozy, warm living environment. The unit's electronic piezo ignition system offers quick start-ups with one simple step (no matches, batteries, or other lighting sources required), and its top-mounted controls make it easy to adjust the heat level from 1 to 5, depending on the amount of heat desired. Once started, the heater's dancing blue-flame burner produces gentle, convective warmth to quickly heat the surrounding air with 99-percent efficiency, costing only pennies an hour. Best of all, its built-in thermostat senses the room temperature, so when the room exceeds the set temperature, the burner will shut off; the burner will cycle back on when the room temperature drops below the set temperature--no need for constant adjustments. The unvented heater should be used as supplemental heat, in addition to a home's primary heat source; however, if the power goes out or in an emergency situation, it can be safely used as a primary heat source (electricity required for optional blower). For peace of mind, the heater comes equipped with a range of safety features, including a "safe watch" pilot assembly, which will automatically shut off the flow of gas if the pilot becomes extinguished; a built-in oxygen-depletion sensor that extinguishes the flame if oxygen levels drop below A.N.S.I. standards; and a pressure regulator that maintains a steady gas flow for an even burn. Wall-mounting brackets and detailed instructions come included for easy installation. The wall heater measures approximately 7 by 19 by 23 inches.

BLOWER 20-6027
LEGS/STAND 20-5242

DAVE COZZENS | 901 E OAK ST | MOAB, UT 84532 | PH 435-260-6088

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Item Price $211.98
Shipping Price $32.00
Quantity Available 1

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