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Lawn Solutions Turf Revitalizer: M# TR2070SUB
ATTN: WF Landscape
Item Description
The Turf Revitalizer is a 3 in 1 machine that will power seed, dethatch, and power rake.

PLEASE NOTE: Unit has been used. This unit is being sold as-is. Customer is aware that unit requires drive handle replacement.


Power Seeding - When over seeding, set the blades to cut slits in the soil ¼" X ½" deep. For basic over seeding, only 1 pass is required. If there are a few bare areas due to fungus or dog urine, seed the entire property with one pass, on the bad areas, go forward then backward and forward again to add extra seed. This method will save time and seed while giving a nicer finished product.

Dethacthing - Because of the Turf Revitalizer's aggressive blade design, you can use the same machine for dethaching. Simply turn off the seed flow and do a single or double pass as desired. It is recommended to dethatch even a newly seeded lawn the following spring or fall to allow the grass to thicken properly which reduces the chance of fungus.

Power Raking / Renovation - The Turf Revitalizer is the most compact yet powerful power rake on the market. For breaking new ground, leveling, or renovating a lawn, drop the blades down to 1"-1 ½" deep. Use the hydrostatic drive to do the work for you. Go forward and backward with the machine to till the ground in very uneven areas, or simply make a double pass in two directions to break up and level the ground in moderate areas. Hard, dry ground works the best. The unit is much more aggressive when breaking up hard dry ground while going backward because the blades are reverses tilling the soil. Multiple passes may be needed if the ground is too soft and engine bogs down. In which case make a couple of shallow passes then increase the cutting depth.

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Item Details
Item Price $1,400.00
Shipping Price $120.55
Quantity Available 1

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